What is a Title Tag
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What is a Title Tag – On Page SEO

What is a Title Tag – On Page SEO

in this first I would like to tell you about What is a Title Tag – On Page SEO is most important for a website to rank and improve Organic traffic. In the on-page SEO, there are lots of Factors that work separately in order to Rank well.

 SEO Title Tag is an HTML element. that represents the Webpage Title. With the help of Title Tag, we Target the Keyword and Identify the Webpage this element Found in the head section of the source code of your webpage.

This Title Shows in the Title bar of the Browser. Title indicates to the User and as well Search engine short Description Heading about the Page

What is a Title Tag

Some Most Important Points of SEO Title Tag

2Keyword Placement
3Place your Title in H1
4Uniqueness for Every Page of Title
6Company/Website Name


SEO title Length Should be 50 to 60 characters long according to Google’s Algorithm. Because Google only shows the 50 to 60 Long character title and rest of character get hidden by Google in Search Result if you Enter more the 60 Character.

Keyword Placement

SEO Title Tag is the Best Place for Keyword Placement. you can put a webpage keyword. The closer your main keyword is to the beginning of the title.

Place your Title in H1

H1 Heading is the Most Important Thing for on-page SEO. This is a higher Priority indication for Search Engines. This is the Main and Highlighted Keyword for this Web Page

Uniqueness for Every Page of Title

Title Tag is a Keyword of Every Webpage which should be Unique for every Page of your website. And also search engine Easily Identify the webpage and content you that page


Relevancy is the term that refers to the Related information. In this SEO, the keyword will take Place which is related to the content of your Webpage

Company/Website Name

Here you can Put the Company name and Website Name after the Keyword if characters are Remain but on the Home Page it should be


<Title> webpage title </Title>

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