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SWOT Analysis – SEO Free Analysis

Hello Friend Today is the Great topic SWOT Analysis – SEO Free Analysis to Explain and also much Important information for your website. Which every New Blogger and Business/Startups should follow for increasing your website Rank in Google

SWOT Analysis – SEO Free Analysis is a process to Know more about the Business/website to grow Faster with top level Competition. Basically SWOT Analysis it Complete Name is Strength, Weakness ,Opportunity and Threats.

And every Website owner and Business Personality have to do SWOT Analysis for Getting More traffic on it’s Website. And also get to about the its actual factors that why is it, what it can do and who will be interested, what are the Difficulties.

Lets know this Technique and what are the Four Points of this SWOT Analysis – SEO Free Analysis

SWOT Analysis of SEO

The name of this technique is SWOT Analysis. With its help, we can know about our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges. In this we have to ask some questions  to ourselves and answer them.

In general, it has been found that we are not able to evaluate ourselves as easily as we can evaluate the shortcomings and weaknesses of others. But it is also true that with the accuracy and reality we can evaluate ourselves, no other person can do this. Who can know our feelings and shortcomings better than us?

Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors that are within the control of an organization. Opportunities and threats are external factors that are beyond the control of an organization.

After SWOT analysis, you can find out the strengths and weaknesses of your website as well as the opportunities and threats to your website.

There are Four Major Factor which Represents SWOT Analysis - SEO Free Analysis


Strength - SWOT Analysis of SEO

SWOT Analysis for any website | Free seo analysis

Strength are most Important for your Website Service that you are Providing through. In this topic you can find out the best strengths for you Site. now the Question is how to Find the Strengths

You can check out your Competitors Website and find the Feature that your Competitor is Not Providing and that you can Provide. Like Best Quality of Images, Certified Content and Quality of Content. Easy to Understand Content Format etc.

These all Advantage will help your website to Grow Faster and Stretch User from the Competitors Site


1Good Hosting/server Service
2Easy/Faster to Login/signup System
3User Friendly
4Unique and Informative/Relevant Content

Weakness - SWOT Analysis of SEO

SWOT Analysis for any website | Free seo analysis

Generally this is the best topic for knowing the Reason why People are not interested in your Site.

Weakness are the Important Term which should Not be in your Website and Web Page if you are Doing Long Term Business and More. Find out the Weakness of your Website through Comparing your Competitors Site and Top Site of your Field.

How to Find out the Weakness?

If your competitor Site consider the short process of Login and Signup, you should Consider it like a Weakness and Make your Login Process More Faster than and Equal to your Competitor site

Weakness can be Prevent and stop Progress of Your Website


1Cheaper Hosting/server service
2Non-mobile Optimised/non Responsive
3Bad Quality of Content/Images
4Lengthy Registration Process

Opportunity - SWOT Analysis of SEO

SWOT Analysis for any website | Free seo analysis

Opportunity is the best way to beat your Competitors. Basically opportunity is a simple term that you Can understand Easily. There are lots of Common Opportunity which yours Competitors are not Following. That you Can Follow. 

To attract user experience for Example. Social Media Activeness, Web 2.0 Trend of Social Media.  online Payment, Strategic Marketing  etc.


1Online Payment Service
2Internet on Mobile Device
3PPC Possibility
4Weak Competition Keyword
5Activeness on Social Media

Threat - SWOT Analysis of SEO

SWOT Analysis for any website | Free seo analysis

 Threats is a External Part of a Website which May Stop your site Growth and can Prevent to achieve your Goal. These all factors you should not Ignore because these all can be the Cause of Preventing your Site Growth.

Like Privacy Policy , Terms and Conditions, Changing Costimer Need, fraudulent activities, etc.


1Bad Government Policy
2Poor Privacy Policy
3Fraud Activities
4New Entrants Website
5Competitor May have Strong Domain Name

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