Sooryavanshi movie Download Free
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Sooryavanshi movie Download Free

Sooryavanshi movie Download Free

The trailer of the most awaited Rohit Shetty Directed Suryavanshi film has arrived. As everyone knows Rohit Shetty’s films are always tremendous, similarly this trailer is also very tremendous. Sooryavanshi movie Download Free In this film, Suryavanshi is a Mumbai Police officer whose role is played by Akshay Kumar.

Akshay Kumar, DCP Veer Soyarvanshi
Katrina Kaif, Dr. Aditi Soryvanshi
Ajay Devgan, DCP Bajirao Singham
Ranveer Singh, Inspector Sangram “Simba”
Abhimanyu Singh, Vinod Thapar

About Role of Star Cast

Katrina Kaif is also seen with her in this film, which is playing Akshay Kumar’s wife. This trailer shows that the number of terrorist attacks that have taken place in Mumbai till date, such as 1993 serial bomb blasts followed by 2020 bus blasts then 2006 train serial blasts and 2008 Taj attack 26/11, are going to be even bigger and prevent them.

It is the responsibility of Suryavanshi, an officer of Mumbai Anti Terrorist Scod (s) and then the entry of Suryavanshi i.e. Akshay Kumar. It states that out of the RadiX that came in 1993, only 400 kg was used, the remaining 600 kg of RDX is hidden somewhere and it can be used and can be found by Sleeper Cells at any time.

In the trailer, Akshay Kumar is seen doing a lot of stunts in his old player style. Even after so many years, Akshay Kumar’s fitness is very strong, he has performed his stunts in a great way. In which his players also get to see the scene of the film hanging on the helicopter.

Along with her, Katrina Kaif also looks tremendous in her role, she is playing the role of Suryavanshi’s wife and she is also shown a baby girl.

The star cast of the film looks very big, Gulshan Grover is also appearing in the film, along with Javed Jaffrey. Jackie Shroff does not appear in this.
In its middle, there is Simba i.e. Ranbir Kapoor’s entry. And there is also the entry of Singham i.e. Ajay Devgan in the ending.

Now how these three together face the problem, they will know only after watching the film, but the trailer looks quite tremendous, quite a few vehicles are also seen flying for which Wright Shetty is known.
So the trailer looks very funny, the film’s Relis Date is 24 March 2020. The film also has a full cast of Kar. Which is seen in the negative role.

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