SEO Guideline for Website Design
How To Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial

SEO Guidelines for Website Design

Now the Competition level is very high on internet. A minor mistake can beat your business by your competitors. Don’t Give chance to them using SEO Web Design Guidelines– IT ALL ABOUT YOU

There are some useful Tips of Beginners SEO Web Design Guideline. and Good Information for Bloggers to maintain their blog according to Google’s Guidance

Table of SEO Guidelines Points

1Website Designing (Layout Selection)
2Images Quality and Optimisation
3Good Color Combination
4Procedural Heading Structure
5Content Uniqueness and Quality Good
6Internal Linking
7Formatting of Information on Website

Design and Layout Tips for SEO Friendly Website

A website should be SEO friendly by Design and Layout . It’s a ranking factor of a SEO which might affect your site if not designed well.

View factor is a way which attracts the user to stay and spend some time to checkout the information.  In these Guideline everything is defined that every seo Friendly website requires.

Website Designing (Layout Selection)

SEO Guideline for Website Design

It is a very Important part of a website which attracts a user to spend more time and Looking like it’s very professional in it’s Field. And all the information should be shown Correct. Keep your Signup and login process very Short.

Image Quality and Optimization

SEO Guideline for Website Design

This is an only way which make the Impression over the Internet of a website. And as well as provide the great visual information in the form of Image that Represents your content Information. Keep your Images optimized and clearer view

Image Optimization is refers to make the image very Lightweight and giving the Title, Caption and Alt attribute

Color Combination

It  makes your site design Unique from others Color combination may be a important factor for Giving a great look to your site over the internet. that should have well combination in your website Header, Footer and as well Text Font of your Site.

Heading Sturcture

It refers to a way of defining any  Specific  Heading Structure of a website, Webpage is a most important part of a website. Heading are shows the Importance of your highlighted Text to the Crawler and Spiders. and Headings should Have in the Hierarchy of H1 to H6 in this H stands for Heading. For More about Heading Sturcture

Content Quality and Uniqueness

SEO Guideline for Website Design

Content is the King of Website in SEO, that plays a big roll to boost your website Much Faster than your competitors. Content of your Website should be Very Cleared and Simple Language to understand Easily, content should Represents the Topic of the Same Page for More info

Internal Linking

SEO Guideline for Website Design

It is the Most Things to boost your Site. Intenal Linking is a part of SEO which generally userd to provide the Similar Information that User reading which Improves the Session Time and Reduces the Bounce Rate and it makes the easy Structured and navigation for your user.

Formatting of Information

SEO Guideline for Website Design

It’s a Important topic to make a site Feature and well Decorated and content optimized. Which is completely Structured in a simple way and Topics are Interrelated on the Page and some Related Information is also Available

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