On-Page Optimization 2 SEO
On Page SEO Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial

How to On-Page Optimization 2 SEO

How to On-Page Optimization 2 SEO

In this On-Page Optimization 2 SEO, we are discussing the Remaining Factors of On-Page SEO Optimization. as we have discussed in the Previous Last Topic “Robots.txt”. for Previous post- click Here

On-Page Optimization 2 SEO

on page SEO Optimization

Table ofContent
Meta Title
Meta Description
3Meta Canonical
4Alt Attribute
5Image Optimization
7Google Analytics
8Google Webmasters
10Content Optimization
11Page Speed
12Internal Linking
13Heading Structure
14External Linking
15Website Health Card

Image Optimization– How to On-Page Optimization 2 SEO

It is a process for reducing the Size of the Image and fixing it according to SEO. That will help to Increase Page Load Speed. And most Important Alt attribute which shows Represent the Image as Page Keyword. And also Image Title, Caption, Description should be Optimized according to SEO


This Robots file is an Instructor to the Search Engine for Crawling a website Pages. Basically Robots.txt is used for Communicating with the Search Engine and Robots of the Engine. That which pages are for crawling and which and not to Crawl. For more information

Content Optimization

Itis a process of SEO that makes your site popular and Unique to others. Through the content of the Webpage, a keyword Target achievement Percentage increased. And content should contain enough Knowledge and related information of the Targeted Keyword, webpage.

Page Load Speed

The page-load is most important for getting Customer attraction and interest in spending time on the website. So it should be optimized. It also reduces the bounce rate.

How to Increase Page Speed Load?  In this way, you can optimize the website and Page Images, consider the best hosting service and less CSS and JS files, HTML source code should be Clean and Clear that provide Ease to the Search engine Bot. for showing Information to the website

Internal Linking

It is a completely required part of SEO. That follows the Spiders Rule. Internal linking Grants permission to create your own website and Network. When Spider visits the website or webpage it finds the content and linking of your side.

If your webpage has the internal Links then it will move to the next Link of your site and spend some time reading the webpage information. If a spider does not found any link of your site it will go through of your site.

Outbound Linking

These are especially beneficial for your website that allows your website to provide the outbound Links. And makes your side more trustworthy, and this really goes for SEO perspective

Heading Structures

The heading is really amazing for the thing on your side. This helps search engine bots to understand the format and sequence of your website. And as well the main Keyword of your Website or webpage

Website Health Score Card

This is the Most Important Thing for Considering if we are Going inside the Lot of Traffic and Competition. We have to Make our website Illness free site Meanwhile no minor Changes Pending and Every Parameter should be Good Level. check your Website Health Score

that’s all about On-Page Optimization 2

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