Keyword Research and Analysis
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Keyword Research and Analysis

Today Our Topic is Keyword Research and Analysis
So first of all we need the Tools to Finding the best Keyword for your particular

Webpage to Target the Audience for Deriving the More Traffic on your Site,

but there are some Most Important thing that you have to Know about your Product and Service.

that actually what is it and why you are doing and what is the motive and these all the Query should be Clear

Because for Finding the Best Rank able and Suitable Keyword for your website & Webpage is a base work for your Site.  as much as you know about your Service and Product. As much it will be better for Researching and Analyzing Keyword

So lets Start Keyword Research and Analysis

Know about the Service and It’s Demand

Step One


Know about the Service and It’s Demand, what type of service you are providing through you website. 

Check Out the Traffic for your Particular Service Awareness. that how people are knowing and why people are interested to know about this Service and what Phrase People are using for searching this Service over Internet  

For ExampleI am a traveler and I am selling Tour Packages online

So I will Look on all the Related information of Travel and John is a Tourist. What the John wants and how he searchs for tour Package on Google (he is looking for 4 days Golden Triangle Tour )

Keyword Idea “Golden Triangle Tour Package”

Step Two


Phrase Knowing Strategy

Phrase Knowing Strategy When you get all the Query information of 1st Step and getting the Idea about how the People Search their Query on Google and any other Search Engine. And that Query is your Keyword

You have to check out the content Whether your Keyword is Matching or not to your Keyword. Whether it is the right Answer for that Query. And is it related to the Keyword

For Example.

Query is for Same Day Tour Package and your Content is for Golden Triangle tour so it will be the Miss confusion for the User and Crawler that should not be at all

Third Step


Search Volume and Statistics

Search Volume and Statistics After Finalzing content and Keyword you have to check out the Traffic and Volume on those Keywords that.

For Knowing the traffic and Volume on that particular Keyword you have to use Tool.

There are lots of Paid Tool like SEMRush and Ahref  both are the Paid Tool and for free you can use NeilPatel Ubersuggest really amazing tool for free.

It shows the best Data Statistics and Details bu in Comparision both of them it little bit get Down.

If you are starting your business and Blog so You can use this after Starting earn Money you can Use SEMRush and Ahref

If your Keyword is Getting more Searches and Competition also High then you should not be Choose that Keyword Because it will not be Rank if your site is not getting organic traffic and enough Traffic.

You have to choose the High Searches and Law Competition Keyword. Which will rank early and help to increase the organic Traffic on your Site

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