How to use header tag in SEO - Useful Heading in SEO
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How to use header tag

How to use header tag in SEO – Useful Heading in SEO

Heading Tag in SEO

if you Talking about the On-Page SEO with complete Analysis and you are not considering the Heading Segments and Structure as not much Important so this may be your Great Mistake.

Because in SEO heading structure is most important to represent the Topic and Point of any article and post. that structured it in a good way according to Google Bots

Heading Tag is an HTML tag that is used to point the heading off topic and post. by which google search bot identifies the Main and Secondary heading of a post. and also headings are most important for the voice search.

because some people would like to hear the translation of post content. when google AI starts reading. and it read the heading much loudly than simple

Headings should be in a Structured and hierarchy format.

There are a number of types heading but in General, we use H1 TO H6 max

H1 Heading is the Main heading of that Particular webpage and It should once on every page. that makes it identified to google search bot and it should be only one and every Page

H2 H2 is the Secondary main heading on Every webpage. h2 can be used multiple times on the Same Page but in the Hesrsrchy.

H3,4,5,6 are the most common small Headings which can provide the best Identity with google search bot.

Unique: Do not use the H1 tag, that is, it must have only one for each page. Multiple headers for a page can confuse readers and dilute your keywords. Duplicate content is never good, no matter how small.

Relevant Keyword: Your page keyword should be relevant to the heading you are giving. And content also should describe the Heading

Heading Structure and Sequence: it should be in a hierarchy format with the sequence like firstly the main heading which will be H1 and than H2……H6

Subheading: in this Subheading content is must just after Heading  200 or more words. For example, you are using h2 so after  h2 heading you have to write some content about that heading

Headings in SEO / Why is an Important H1 tag?

Generally, H1 heading is most important heading in SEO which is represent a page in one line

It introduces a web page content to the users.

It is also important for an SEO perspective. the crawler follows the guideline of Google and according to Google Algorithm, there should be only h1 Tag on a Web Page. H1 is the head of all heading tags h2 to h6

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How to use header tag in SEO – Useful Heading in SEO

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