How to find Right Domain for your company
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How to Find Right Domain Names to your Company

How to Find Right Domain Names to your Company A domain represents the unique name assigned to an organization or individual on the Internet. For instance, we are all familiar with names such as,, and so on.

How to Find Right Domain Names to your Company

A particular (domain) name may only be owned by one person or company. To use an analogy, a domain represents your “street address” where you live on the Internet. It uniquely identifies where you can be found. Having a straight-forward, easy to remember domain is crucial to your business success.

The domain name is comprised of several parts. The last part of the domain (e.g., .com) is referred to as the top-level domain (TLD). In theory, the TLD represents a type of entity. For instance, .com stands for “commercial”.

It was originally meant to be for commercial enterprises (business), but that has become something of a misnomer as even people with personal websites use the .com TLD. Other popular TLDs include: > .net – originally meant to signify Network organizations such as Internet Service Providers (ISP) > .edu – Education establishments (colleges/universities) > .mil – Military > .org – Non-profit organizations > .gov – Government organizations > .biz – a business > .name – individual/person > .info – information service There are others as well such as: .aero, .pro, .coop, and so on.

Finding the Right Domain Names to your Company

How to Find Right Domain Names to your Company . In addition, there are TLDs assigned to countries (e.g., .ca for Canada). Before you can launch your site on the Web, you will need a domain name. There are literally hundreds of millions of domains already taken so you may have to be creative in finding the name you want.

It can be frustrating at times, so brew yourself a pot of coffee or grab your favorite beverage before you sit down to find that special domain that will become your address on the Web. Several months ago, I was attempting to acquire a domain for a customer. I tried just about every combination of his actual business name to find one that was available. As is becoming much too common, I ran into a brick wall. Out of sheer frustration,

Use Keyword for Domain Name

Use Keyword for Domain Name. I just randomly pounded my fingers on my keyboard and came up with I submitted that to the domain search. You probably know the punch line. To my total amazement that name was already taken. At that point, I decided I needed to take a walk around my garden. But there is no way around it. If you plan to put your own site on the web, you will need to identify an available domain. Once you do so, you should purchase that name immediately as it may not be available the next day.

if you wanted the domain, that is already taken the name you want is already taken. you need to find a different. For instance, . However, the name is available (as of the date this article was written).

You could select the .biz name, or try to find an alternate such as,,, and so on. of course. All of them are taken, By trying the different combinations you would find that is (currently) available.

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