Convert your Small Startup in a Big Company
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Convert your Small Startup in a Big Company

Convert your Street laundry business to Standard and professional business

laundryman (Convert your Small Startup in a Big Company)

In India, the laundry worker is Demanded because there are 30 to 35 % of people have daily need of the Laundry.
Because they have not time to clean and wash their clothes, Those people give the first prefer  to Laundry for getting there cloth clean and wash

So this information especially for those people who work as the laundrymen or Washer men, those want to convert their street business to Professional business 

So there are three Tips for those  to be a success, full Laundry businessmen

Tips no 1 which is most important to attract the Customer to say that  he is giving such nice services

1 Pick and Drop

Pick and drop simply it means that  to pick the cloth from the Customer Home and get it clean  and dry fast and deliver the cloth before 1 minute time that your customer gave you 
 and now the question is how will the customer contact easily
so you have to create one application  for your business and make after that you will have need the men power to control the process of your growing business-like, taking the order, cleaning, washing, delivery, these are the major factor to build your business base

 Time Punctuality

Most Impotent   part of every Business by which the customer gets the satisfaction with the Brand services, in general, the small businessmen do not take seriously the Punctuality which makes the belief and the loyalty bond with each other, 
do not think like the punctuality is not the part of our business, Implement the punctuality in your business process

3 Quality assurance

 means while the term quality assurance belongs to the quality of washing in this business so you have to manage the quality of washing and cleaning. costumer should not  get the chance to say anything about your quality of washing

after implementing these three-step just see the level of your Laundry Business
Convert your Small Startup in a Big Company

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