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Competitors Analysis- SEO Tips For Blogger

Hello Friends, My Name is Rohit Kumar. Today’s Topic is Website Competitors Analysis for SEO

In this Topic, we are going to provide you the best way to know about your Competitors and Competition of your website as we have Discussed the last 4 Topics on SEO Tips for Bloggers and Keyword Research.

Lets Start

In this chapter, we are going to tell you about the Competitor website Analysis. By doing this activity you can make many of the Improvements in your Site. and this is the most Impotent Part for SEO.

Website Competitors Analysis

Which will give you the Hints and Ideas to Grow faster and How your Competitors are Running in the Field and what the strategy they Are using. And How much Traffic They are getting. And what Kind of Traffic they are Getting. Paid or organic

Competitors Website Analysis Major Points

In this Analysis, you will know everything about the Competitor’s Website it will help you to Take the Right Decision for your further Web activity.

1 Finding the Actual Competitors in the Same Field
2Which keyword Competitor is Targeting and which you Should.?
3Getting Information About Backlinks
4How you can Defeat your Competitor Website?
5Which Traffic Your Competitor Gatting? Paid or Organic
6Content Analysis?

Finding the Actual Competitors in the Same Field

Website Competitors Analysis

Here you will know the Process of Finding the Actual Competitors. But the main thing is that how To Judge the Right Competitor.

To finding out your Right Competitor Just type your top Keyword in the Google Search bar and then what result you get. In that,

you just need to know where your Site is Exist. And first, make you 5 Competitor which is running up from your Site

Here you can use the Tools which give the Directly and exact Competitors for Your Site MOZ and Neil Patel

Which keyword Competitor is Targeting and which you Should.?

Website Competitors Analysis

Once you have Decides your Competitors then move to the analysis of Competitors Keyword for the Same Content that you are Providing and know the Search Volume and Traffic rate.

Select those Keywords which have the equal Search Volume and little bit Up and Down. And also mid and Low level of Competition

Getting Information About Backlinks

As you have Selected the Best and required Keyword for your Site. Then Move to know about the Offpage SEO.

Website Competitors Analysis

Research on the Competitors Backlinks. And Start Making your own Backlink on the Competitors Referring Domains and Backlinks. And Made the Do-Follow Backlink More with 17+ DA

How you can Defeat your Competitor Website?

Doing these all things you have to Make a Strategic Planning for link Building. And Social Activity to keep your Audience Engaged.  and keep all Records of your Link building and Check out the Links.

Which links are getting more Effective and Beneficial? and Keep Distance from the Low DA PA and Spamming Site those have the spamming Score

Which Traffic Your Competitor Gatting? Paid or Organic

Website Competitors Analysis

After Making the Strategic Planning for your Site and Backlink. Check Out the Traffic Source of the Competitor Site.

That what kind of Traffic it is Getting organic and Paid. Just Figure out the Traffic and Include this Much In your Site strategic Planing.

Content Analysis?

Website Competitors Analysis

This is a very Sensitive Topic to Rank your Site. It represents your Site on the Internet for User’s answer and Query. What the User is Searching over Internet Regarding Your Content and how it Matches to the User Keyword

which content your Competitor is Providing to the user.

How much is this Lengthy and Quality of Content and how Relevant is this to the Keywords of your Site

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